giovedì 5 marzo 2009

Roman thermae

thermae entrance

This is only one of the several fantastic locations that has selected for its Clients and that you can find into the Vademecum book.

The Hammam is a pleasure of our civilization since ever: beginning in the ancient world of the Hellenic-Roman period under the name of thermae, it is born out of a need to enjoy leisure and social exchange. It is a luxuriuos place where one comes to cleanse the body through a series of treatments while purifying the soul and relaxing the mind.
Step out of the frantic pace of your everyday, busy life, and step into a place of serenity in the hearth of Rome.


Let the scent of incense and the sound of flowing water transport you to a time and place when life is uncomplicated and the childhood pleasures of dreaming and losing yourself in your thoughts come easily and effortlessly. Inside the Thermae you will find multiple rooms; in each, from the coldest to the hottest, there will be attendants pampering you and washing you and taking care of your every need. You will begin in the changing room (apodyterium), then, with just a towel on, you will proceed to the warm bath (tepidarium 36°) where steam, the faint sound of water and pale light provide a dreamlike atmosphere. You will lie down on a warm marble bench following your shower and a massage of Moroccan olive soap alternating with a hot water wash will open your pores, relax your body and cleanse you. From the tepidarium, you will be transported to the hot baths (calidarium 45°- 100% humidity) where you will experience a real “steam bath”; here heat improves circulation, and aids in calming the mind to help you sleep, hot steam hydrates the lungs, which help fight against the common cold, flu and rheumatic pains.


The sweating removes toxins and excess water in the body. Following the hot baths, you will experience a brisk and vigorous body scrub with the traditional Hammam glove and finally you will enter the cold bath (frigidarium 28°), which acts as a skin and muscle toner.