domenica 12 aprile 2009

What a cooking school!!

Only those participating to the weeks scheduled at Fié allo Sciliar (Alto Adige), will have the exclusive chance and the unforgettable pleasure to meet the world known chef Luis Agostini and his beautiful and modern school, "Condito", in Bolzano, where he will receive our guests as a perfect host as well as the only one, among the famous chefs, who shares his recipes wih everyone willing to learn his secrets...

The Condito school kitchen

Two of the four half-day cooking lessons will be given in the original kitchen of the XIVth century Maso Grottner, an exclusive ancient building recently restored and opened only for special clients.

The Grottner entrance hall

The Grottner new kitchen

The Grottner old patio

The Grottner XIV century kitchen

The Grottner first luxury suite

The Grottner second luxury suite

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