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Cooking onto the plateau

Fiè allo Sciliar, at a height of 315 to 2564 m, is the neighbour municipality of Castelrotto and Tires. The real centre Fiè di Sotto is located at a height of 880 m. This is an idyllic small village, already popular in the 19th century as a well visited hay health resort by the citizens of Bolzano.

The village

Sight of Sciliar massif from the village

The Sciliar's peaks at sunset

A sight from the Alpe di Siusi Plateau

As the entire municipally area is extended over 44,4 km² reaching from the Adige Valley to the plateau of the Sciliar, Fiè offers quite a few sightseeing and endless possibilities of leisure spent with sport or relaxation.

The lake

S. Costantino Church

... wordless

One of the most famous attractions is the castle of Presule. This ancient family castle of the Lords of Fiè is today’s meeting point for cultural events like concerts, expositions and performances. Not to forget the famous Oswald von Wolkenstein Ride organized and celebrated every year on this castle ground.

XVI century Presule Castle

XIV century Zimmerlehen Castle

Countrywomen sunday dressed

wooden fence

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