lunedì 17 novembre 2008

An universal appeal offers guided tours in places that are off the beaten truck. Tours will be led by art historians from the Cultural Association Iterarte Roma.
Iterarte started its cultural and social activities about 20 years ago, now playing a leading role in Roman cultural tourism.

Iterarte always loved choosing places that are normally closed to public, like Roman aristocratic palaces or ancient hidden sites. It usually prefers offering tours to small groups of participants, to experience the beauty and spirit of Rome, the eternal city.

The experience and the knowledge of extremely qualified art historians, the passion for the city, together with being Roman native, will allow guests an unforgettable stay in Rome. Everyone visiting Rome must admit that the city has a universal appeal. Who has not heard about Colosseum, the Ancient Roman Empire, the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo? Coming to a city like this, has a lot to do with remembering things that visitors have always known, more than it does with discovering things for the first time. Iterarte art historians, during the tours, will be able to refer to things that are part of a common cultural heritage that we all share. At the same time Iterarte will lead the guests of to compare the Rome they always had in their imagination and their expectation with the reality of things that we will discover together. With this special approach everyone will have the lucky chance to a discover and create a “personal” Rome. As Romans, Iterarte art historians will make guests feeling welcome and comfortable in Rome, simply because the same cultural background belong to you as it belongs to us. Iterarte and Taste of. it will offer several scheduled tours, with a turnover based on seasons, but, upon request we can design a wide variety of walks and visits for people with special interests.

If you find nothing here to suit your needs, if you have a specialized request for visiting sites that lie outside the common places then please, we invite you to let us know.

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