martedì 11 novembre 2008

Artist's cheese

De Gust message is simple
. Quality and the continual effort to better it are at the heart of their philosophy. They aim to prove to their consumers that production and technology can exist side-by-side with nature, without in any way altering, betraying or wasting it, but by bettering, respecting or even enriching it.

Hansi Baumgartner

The company, De Gust, was founded in 1995. Its main activity, carried out with professionalism and passion, is that of re-discovering, selecting ad refining small quantities of niche-market cheeses, all characterised by their high-quality, prestige and organoleptics and often difficult to get hold of, or indeed even at risk of extinction.

Their search began in Rio Pusteria, a village situated at the point where two of the most important valleys of South Tyrol meet. From here they ploughing fertile terrain in a micro-area that exactly met their principle of "field of deliciousness".

The assortment consist mainly of cheese from raw milk, or milk from Alpine pastures, be it from cows, sheep or goats.

Here you have a little selections of cheese that you will try during the two hours guided tasting that is included in Fiè allo Sciliar cooking course.

Cruscato (with bran)

With pear flour

Floral magic

Refined goat's cheese

Almkaese varieties



Cheese made in high mountain huts in Lagrein dunkel wine

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